Crisis Care Center
and Emergency Services

"Help for Today, Hope for Tomorrow."  

Crisis can be defined in many ways and it takes many forms.  Adults in crisis need options other than inpatient psychiatric care, incarceration, and involuntary admission to detoxification.  That's where the Crisis Care Center may help.

The Crisis Care Center provides immediate access to care for adults (18+) with critical mental health episodes or need for substance abuse stabilization in the Black Hills area.  Our services focus on  personalized recovery through a stabilization plan that is established through the collaborative efforts of the patient and his/her assigned Qualified Mental Health Professional (QMHP).  The plan is aimed at providing the patient a framework for moving forward and preventing future crises.  Individuals are admitted to the Crisis Care Center for up to 24 hours and then referred to community agencies or service providers for continued care.  

Need More Information?

Are you or someone you know:

  • Having thoughts of suicide?

  • Suffering from depression or anxiety?

  • Struggling with addictions?

  • Struggling to cope with life's stressors?

We can help


 Call (605) 391-4863 

or come to the 

CARE Campus at 321 Kansas City Street

What to Expect:  

  • Individuals may present voluntarily at the CARE Campus located at 321 Kansas City Street. 

  • A triage screening upon arrival will be completed to rule out the need for immediate medical attention or other necessary services. 

  •  Individuals screened to meet the Crisis Care Center criteria will be seen by a QMHP on site. 

  • A mental health assessment will be completed. 

  • The QMHP will also assist with developing a stabilization plan. 


At the time of arrival, or any time thereafter an individual may be transferred to a higher level of care if their psychiatric or medical status warrants such a transfer.

Emergency Services

Behavior Management Systems will also provide an individual session on a walk-in basis, at the 350 Elk Street location If you or a family member is experiencing acute emotional distress.