Marital Issues

Marital Issues Defined:
Part of leading a happy life involves seeking out and securing content and healthy relationships with others. Marriages—and partnership-based relationships of similar proportions—are some of the most binding and intimate human relationships made. A successful marital relationship is something we all desire, but is not always easy to achieve and maintain. Marital issues affect couples in all types of intimate relationships — heterosexual or homosexual, married or not. Most serious marital issues arise from an inability to recognize and resolve conflicts and improve relationships independently and call for the expertise of marriage counselors. Specific marital problems are often directly linked to these signs of marital issues:

Symptoms/Signs of Marital Issues:

  • Communication Problems
  • Sexual Difficulties
  • Conflicts about Child Rearing or Blended Families
  • Substance Abuse (See Addictive Behavior)
  • Spousal Abuse (See Abuse)
  • Persistent Anger and/or Conflict
  • Infidelity on the Part of One or Both Partner(s)
  • Mutual Discussion or Individual Request for Divorce

BMS Treatment Options for Marital Issues:

Issues between marital partners are often successfully resolved with individual and couples Counseling Services. Couples counseling is often short-term and typically includes both partners; however, sometimes a single member of the partnership will choose to work with marriage counselors alone. The specific treatment plan, individual or couples counseling, depends on the situation. Group counseling is often effective for couples wanting to improve their marital relationships.

Contact Behavior Management Systems for an individual assessment on treatment options.

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