The process of overcoming addiction and substance abuse can be painful for both the addicted and his/her loved ones. Individuals struggling with addiction derive the strength of resistance from many different places: from their friends, their families, professional drug addiction treatment, as well as within.

What is Addiction?

Addiction happens when an individual’s system must have a drug or substance to keep physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms from invading the brain and body, or an addictive behavior that interferes with daily life. The first stage of substance abuse and/or addiction is dependence, during which the constant search for the addictive drug takes over the individual’s life. Eventually, tolerance for the drug will develop, and the individual will be forced to increase dosage to achieve the same effect.

More About Addiction

Our Addiction Services

General Addiction Treatment

Addiction is a broad topic that pertains to a multitude of addictive substances, as well as a wide scope of addictive behaviors. An addiction treatment plan at Behavior Management Systems will treat patients afflicted by alcoholism, drug dependence, and compulsive behavior, such as excessive eating,shopping, computer use, etc. Contact Behavior Management Systems to see what types of services are indicated for your addiction treatment plan.

Full Circle

Full Circle is a residential treatment program for pregnant women and women with young children who have substance addiction issues. Expectant mothers and women with young children receive intensive treatment and rehabilitation counseling in the following areas while living in our facility:

  • Alcohol abuse and drug addiction treatment
  • Prenatal care
  • Education on parenting, proper nutrition, and family issues, such as communication and domestic abuse
  • Case management to link with other needed community services, including childcare and housing
  • Continued care in a residential facility during their pregnancy and following the birth of their baby for women who have completed substance abuse treatment
  • Rehabilitation counseling and recovery support

Children up to ten-years-old may be eligible to stay with their mother during drug addiction treatment and rehabilitation counseling. This prevents foster family placement, provides opportunities for the family to stay together, and teaches the family to become a healthier unit.

Counseling Services

Counseling Services is an out-patient counseling service that may be an option for a person struggling with drug, alcohol, or behavioral addictions. They serve children, teens, adults.
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Adult Mental Health Services

Our Adult Mental Health Services will help people with their Severe and Persistent Mental Health issues who have a co-occurring addiction problem as well.
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What’s Next?

If professional addiction treatment or rehabilitation counseling is the next appropriate step in breaking an addictive dependency in you or someone you know, it’s time to contact Behavior Management Systems. Referrals and inquiries are handled through our receptionist staff—they can be reached by calling the office nearest you.

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Behavior Management Systems is a non-profit community mental health organization providing outpatient services to children, families, adults, and seniors. BMS does not discriminate against any person on the basis of gender, race, color, creed, religion, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation, disability, or age. We accept most major insurance plans.

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