Behavioral Health Services

Our organization offers a variety of mental and behavioral health services to cover the issues and disorders of a diverse Western South Dakota population. You can start here, or you can explore the list of specializations cultivated by our professional mental health counseling staff:

Meet Our Staff

If you are unsure of which behavioral health services will best meet the needs of you or your loved one, consider browsing the many issues and disorders that Behavior Management Systems of Western South Dakota is educated and experienced in treating.  You may also call 605-343-7262 for more information.

Issues & Disorders

Counseling Services

[IMAGE | Something appropriate for “Counseling.” Could be a couple, or adult and teen, or a counselor and an older adult – don’t use doctor or nurse in this picture]

Mental health counseling is all about healing through communication. It comes in many shapes and forms that all aim at a single positive outcome: to help you navigate your journey to wellness and find meaningful and effective…


[IMAGE | Something appropriate for “Addiction.” Best to be an adult]

The process of overcoming addiction can be painful for both the addicted and his/her loved ones. Individuals struggling with addiction derive the strength of resistance from many different places: from their…

Family Pathways

[IMAGE | Something appropriate for “Family.” Good if we could find a mixed nationality, mixed sexes like Native and white – no black or Asian. Probably a young family]

Family Pathways is an intensive and comprehensive family outreach program of services focused on the strength of South Dakota children and families. These culturally sensitive behavioral health services and resources are…

Medication Management

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Medication management aims to protect medication-related client safety in all phases of care. It contains costs, improves care coordination, and increases the quality of the medication use process. Our team…

Major Mental Illness – Adults

[IMAGE | Something appropriate for “Adult Mental Illness.” Obviously adult – but should look competent, able to succeed, not down and out image]

At any given time, over five percent of the adult population in the U.S. will experience a major mental illness so pressing it will interfere with their ability to function. About half of these people have a serious, long-term…

Crisis Care Center

[IMAGE | Something appropriate for “Crisis.” Must be an adult image, could use a counselor and adult female or male, no doctor]

“Crisis” can be defined in many ways. Behavior Management Systems manages the Crisis Care Center to provide crisis intervention services for adults struggling with mental health issues and substance…

Employer Services

[IMAGE | Something appropriate for “Workplace Counseling.” Classroom type picture would work of adults]

Behavior Management Systems is a leader in helping the business community increase employee morale and decrease turnover. We do that through our Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) and management/staff training…


[IMAGE | Something appropriate for “Screenings.” Could be a concerned looking adult]

Are you feeling the “blues,” or is it clinical depression? At what point does casual indulgence turn into substance abuse? You can answer these questions and more with on-site screenings available at SOME Behavior…

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